Northern Light Health is pleased to share the results of staff testing at our long-term care facilities.

Facility Reopening Phase* Number of Staff
Tested October
Number of Positive
Tests October
Number of Staff
Tested Year to Date
Number of Positive
Tests Year to Date
Lakewood Phase 1 163 0 163 0
Mars Hill Phase 1 151 0 151 0

Northern Light Health is taking every precaution possible to keep our patients, staff, and communities safe.
  • All staff are screened prior to the start of their shift for COVID-19 symptoms, and have their temperature checked.
  • Any staff member who fails the screening process is sent home, required to have a test prior to coming back to work, have a negative result, and be cleared by human resources and employee health.
  • If a staff member tests positive, as a result of screening failure or regular testing, they are required to meet the return to work criteria outlined by the CDC.

In the event that a staff member at one of our long-term care facilities tests positive for COVID-19 we have a response plan in place to inform patients, families, and employees and work closely with the Maine CDC to ensure that steps are taken to limit further exposure and stop the spread of infection. The steps include immediate employee consultation with the Maine CDC and expanded COVID-19 testing for all resident and employees.

* Click here to learn more about the reopening phases, as defined by CMS QSO-20-30-NH.
Please Note: CMS defines "facility staff" as including employees, consultants, contractors, volunteers, and caregivers who provide care and services to residents on behalf of the facility, and students. Testing results can be provided by a contractor's primary employer to the facility as long as it is within the time frame indicated by the positivity rating.